10 Mar – TNT #waystoannoypeople

10 03 2010

orang orang ngetweet berbagai cara untuk membuat orang lain kesal. kalo dipikir pikir, ini lebih dari sekedar bikin kesal sih hehehe

@XLesseyX #waystoannoypeople asking me to do anything on a Sat. that cuts in2 my “do nothing” time

@HiMyNameBeNeil: Fat girls wearing leggins is one of the best #waystoannoypeople

@MissKeyonnaB #WaysToAnnoyPeople take a shit with the door open (ugh! My bro does that)

@astrofix8 #WaystoAnnoyPeople :keep talking about how the world is going to end in 2012. Even if it does, we won’t be around to worry about it.

@iiCommitCINZ #WaysToAnnoyPeople Chew gum like a cow !

@yourafagget #waystoannoypeople is to say theyre names in a funny voice

@PHILLY_THA_KID #waystoannoypeople Spel easy wordds rong.

@KJDellow With the wrong words RT @heartattackcat #waystoannoypeople sing along to the song i’m listening to.

@bunnyborg #waystoannoypeople posting season ending show details on FB when some peeps haven’t seen the episode yet, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

@Tahoe17 #WaysToAnnoyPeople walk into their store every time you go to the mall and never buy shit. “Oh, I’m just looking”

@raymoondoe_ray #waystoannoypeople ….fart in a crowd of people den walk off

@Janellasawyer #waystoannoypeople stare at a person while they eat …haha

@DAHazlehurst #waystoannoypeople Taking the biggest shit in the toilet before somebody goes in the shower.

@Janellasawyer #waystoannoypeople steal there password and #deleteaccount …lol

@aida993 #waystoannoypeople Sing a song they hate, sing it very loudly and if it’s possible never hit the right note….trust me it works….

@dachozn #waystoannoypeople by saying “You know?” after every got dang sentence!

@IM_SO_JANET #WaysToAnnoyPeople talk to them while they talkin to someone else

@JanaeNikole #WaysToAnnoyPeople in the car: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? On repeat…

@martsx #waystoannoypeople: talk about school :D

@theeinfam0us #waystoannoypeople keep playing YOUR fav song over and over

@chrissyr11 #waystoannoypeople when people laugh super loud and out of control. its not that funny…

@beeceeGee #WaysToAnnoyPeople always arrive late

@beeceeGee #WaysToAnnoyPeople keep changing the channell

@beeceeGee #WaysToAnnoyPeople hide their cell phone/ keys

@MEANGiRL225 #waystoannoypeople Stop at a yellow light

@TrueLocalCeleb: #waystoannoypeople change your relationship status on facebook every week.

@riceNdbeans #waystoannoypeople keeping your ringtone on in the movies lol.

@BabyTLo0618 #WaysToAnnoyPeople you follow me and then I follow you back and then you unfollow me!




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